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Fans of the comics of superheroes are dying to anticipate the movies being released to portray the stories and sometimes, their timelines can be hard to follow because the individual film of the heroes doesn’t follow their order in the timeline.

That’s why as fans of DC Comics, you should also watch the movies in order aside from the paper print comics that you collected. To be able to get a gist of their stories, search for watch32and be ready not to leave your seats because you will definitely plan to marathon their movies for you to understand its main story.

Movies You Must Follow For DC Shows

Being one of the main characters of Justice League, knowing the backstory of Superman is very vital. That’s why Man of Steel was released on theaters for people to know how Clark came about to be the most powerful superhero at all times.

Dark Knight is also essential because it refers to Batman’s story before he became so rich and powerful. With Joker being the main antagonist, he is on the quest to fight of evil by using his wealth and technology.

Wonder Woman is also important since she also came from another planet, making her abilities stronger and sharper than an average person. The film also portrayed a female superhero for the first time, making guy fans drool over her sexy body and women to be enforced with her independency. You can find more details on watch32 on the site

Batman Vs. Superman is one of the iconic crossover of heroes in the DC world because who would have imagined that two of the best and popular superhero will fight each other due to a misunderstanding. If you want to be updated with all the movies under DC comics, make sure that you are subscribed or checks the sight every now and then.