The Evolution of Watching Movies at Home

Movies are always a nice thing to watch. Even if the movie turns out to be bad, there are those that are still watchable to some degree. Speaking of watching movies, people go to the theater to watch the latest movies coming up. Unfortunately, movies that hit the theater will go away after some time. It usually happens from a 1 week to 1 month or more depending on the movie. The good thing is that people can watch those movies at home when they come. Watching movies at home has since evolved through the passage of time.
How watching movies at home has evolved

  • Back then, watching a movie could be done at home on a TV. It is still doable today but back then that was pretty much the only way to do it. You would need to know which movies would be coming at your local channels. That way you can find out what day and time the movie would come.
  • The earliest version of home videos you could get was those large film strips. You had to use a projector to play these movies. Not everyone could afford them back then but of course, these things were gone in the following years.
  • Then the arrival of the VHS videocassettes came. These are those large tapes that would require a VHS player to run. These VHS were susceptible to fading out. That’s because the tape would be worn out if you kept rewinding it but you had to if you wanted to watch the movie again, plus the quality of the movies was just alright.
  • Laserdiscs followed but they were short-lived. They were large discs that people could watch movies and had some features. You also needed a specific player for these laserdiscs.
  • VCDs followed which were smaller discs and more convenient to use. The downside was that CDS back then had little memory so in some cases you had to watch a movie through two separate discs.
  • Then what followed and had stayed until today are the DVDs and Blu-Rays. The DVD came much earlier but it is still around and the later DVDs were capable of storing more memory. This is considering that movies today are getting higher quality resolutions hence they need to have more storage spaces.
  • It is also possible for people to watch movies online which is also a good thing to do at home.

Watching movies online can be done at home as long as you have access to the internet. You can watch these movies online on your mobile device, computer and even on your TV.

What makes watching movies online so good

  • You can choose what you watch with ease. No need to wait for the movie to come on the TV as you can just click on the movie that you would want to watch.
  • There are those sites that are free when it comes to streaming. You wouldn’t need to pay for these movies and that’s a good thing as well.
  • You also get a wide selection of movies dating back to the older days. Plus there are those that are still of good quality and some are better than their original releases.
  • While out topic is evolution of watching movies at home, watching movies online can be doable while you’re on the road as well.

Try to watch movies online at home as it is a good experience. You don’t need to load up discs on a player as you just need to access the internet and select a movie of your choice.